mardi 16 juillet 2013

Multiple tornadoes reported in Saskatchewan

There was also a high risk for tornadoes and numerous funnel cloud sightings were reported.
Environment Canada received reports of at least seven tornado touchdowns including one near Gray and a couple west of Yorkton.
"These are just preliminary severe storm reports, so those numbers could climb," says Doug Gillham, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.
Environment Canada's preliminary tornado reports so far:
LocalityTime (Local)Report
Near Gray4:40 pmRain-wrapped tornado
Near Hague4:50 pmProbable tornado
Near Kronau4:55 pmTornado
Near Rosthern5:00 pmPossible tornado
West of Yorkton6:05 pmTornado
Southwest of Yorkton   6:45 pmTornado
North of Humboldt7:20 pmProbable tornado

Reports of tornadoes from Monday's storms
Reports of tornadoes from Monday's storms
"There was a lot of CAPE - the energy needed for storms - the right balance of shear - which causes rotation - and a strong trigger for a storm," explains Dayna Vettese, another meteorologist at The Weather Network. "The set-up we saw was about as good (or as bad) as it gets for severe weather in July in the Canadian Prairies." 
All tornado watches and warnings were dropped just after 9 pm local time, while the risk for severe thunderstorms continued through the night.
The severe storms also moved into Manitoba where a few wind gusts exceeding 80 km/h were recorded. 
Conditions are improving as a ridge of high pressure builds into southern Saskatchewan. Sunny skies and cooler temperatures are expected Tuesday.

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