jeudi 6 février 2014

Guernsey endures 'horrendous' weather U K

Waves crash in Alderney Alderney has been affected by wind and high tides

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A severe storm with conditions described as "horrendous" has battered Guernsey's east coast overnight.
Alderney coastal defences were attacked by huge waves, although the roads and buildings remained flood free.
Guernsey suffered as wind speeds hit Storm Force 10 - with ten trees downed around the island.
Parked cars floated from their spaces as flooding caused the closure of the bulk of the coast road, between Bulwer Avenue and the Val De Terres.
Alderney's Harbourmaster, Mark Gaudion, filmed the high waves
The Rohais Du Haut, Saline Road and the Hougue Mague are still closed but police said the rest of Guernsey's main roads were now clear.
Chad Murray, the harbourmaster in Guernsey, said: "Some of the boats that had been laid up for winter maintenance have now fallen off their blocks and are lying on their side.
"Others are precariously balanced, so we've had to close off the area."
Castle Emplacement was one of the worst hit areas.
Police described conditions on Guernsey overnight as "horrendous" with "extensive damage" in the Castle Emplacement area.
About 300 homes in St Peter Port lost power during the height of the storm after an electricity sub-station flooded.
A parked car with water up to its wheelsThe east coast was battered by waves nearly 40ft high
Waves break over the wall at St Peter PortThe high tide has caused havoc at St Peter Port
Waves crash against east coastWaves up to 40ft tall have been crashing against the sea wall
Waves crashed over harbour walls in GuernseyHomes lost power while cars floated from their spaces in car parks
The front of Harbour house with two parked cars out the frontBars continued to serve as the water levels rose last night
A view of the seaWinds of up to 60mph forced the waves to reach inland                          

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