vendredi 28 février 2014


Weather Story (click the image for a higher resolution image).
EVEN WORSE CONDITIONS will develop tonight as a second, more impressive surge of arctic air. Travel will be significantly affected and could become very dangerous along all corridors leading down from the Continental Divide due to major blowing & drifting snow along with whiteout conditions. Blowing and drifting in some places may be crippling at times! Locations particularly susceptible to these arctic blasts such as the Northern Flathead Valley, Columbia Falls, Badrock Canyon, Missoula (especially downtown), Hellgate Canyon, East Missoula & Bonner along with all other communities along those above mentioned travel routes including Helmville, Avon, Garrison Jct & Clearwater Jct. Further exacerbating the blizzard effects tonight will be the addition of 6 to 10 inches of fresh snowfall we've seen today. Please monitor the latest weather conditions before venturing through these areas starting tonight and continuing into Saturday morning. And if you must travel, please consider preparing an emergency kit to keep in your vehicle should you become trapped by the weather.

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