vendredi 28 février 2014

Winter Storm Titan: Ice Storm Possible for Ohio Valley; Snowstorm for West, Midwest, Northeast
  • Saturday: The main event east of the Rockies will begin to unfold as snow spreads east across portions of the Plains and Upper Midwest. For the Northern Rockies, this will just be a continuation of snow from the previous, weaker disturbance. Widespread snow is likely across much of southern Montana and Wyoming, while farther south the snow will be more tied to higher elevations. (See inset map for details.)
  • Sunday: The more significant part of Winter Storm Titan begins with snow, sleet and freezing rain becoming heavier. A stripe of significant ice accumulation is likely Sunday and Sunday night from the Ozarks through much of the Ohio Valley with snow farther north from the central Plains into the mid-Mississippi Valley and Ohio Valley. These threats spread into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Sunday night.
  • Monday: Snow/sleet tapers off in the Ohio Valley and Appalachians, but continues along the I-95 Northeast corridor, before tapering off in the afternoon and evening. Ice/sleet areas early in the day in the Mid-Atlantic states should changeover to snow by Monday morning.

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