dimanche 3 août 2014

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Tropical Cyclone Information Statements

2:45 PM ADT Sunday 03 August 2014
Tropical cyclone information statement for:
For tropical storm Bertha.

The next statement will be issued by 9:00 PM ADT.

Tropical storm Bertha over the Bahamas forecast to accelerate northward - offshore track expected but possibly be affected by rain Wednesday or Thursday.
Tropical storm Bertha is expected to track northward and could at least be a factor for offshore waters in the Wednesday to Thursday timeframe. It is a bit early to know if this will affect land but generally-speaking, offshore-tracking tropical storms often send waves to the coasts of Southern Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and if they track not too-far offshore, land areas can be hit with heavy rains. A few of the models are showing possible heavy rainfall for eastern parts of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland - Wednesday/Thursday timeframe.

The computer model tracks have been trending northward and showing the storm moving a bit faster than they were indicating a few days ago. There is also another area of heavy cloud and rain near Florida which could factor into the upcoming forecasts.

It is very important to stay tuned for updates because the forecasts will change and include more details with time if necessary.

Please also refer to the public and marine forecasts and warnings issued by Environment Canada for your area.
Forecaster(s): fogarty

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