dimanche 15 mars 2015

European Storm Forecast Experiment

Storm Forecast
Storm Forecast
Valid: Sun 15 Mar 2015 06:00 to Mon 16 Mar 2015 06:00 UTC
Issued: Sun 15 Mar 2015 02:31
Forecaster: TASZAREK
A level 1 was issued for Corsica and Sardinia mainly for the large hail and tornadoes.


Weather over the most of the European continent is influenced by strong high with 1050 hPa over Scandinavia and ridges over British Isles and Balkan Peninsula. This feature blocks advections of warm and moist air masses from the Atlantic Ocean and provide stratiform cloud cover in N, W, E and central Europe. Troughs are located over central Turkey and western Mediterranean, and in these areas convection will be likely on Sunday. 

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